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Move your game to Next Level of Tennis!

U8L gives you the opportunity to drive your passion for tennis, challenge yourself and improve your game to the next level.

It is very well organised, played competitively and a great place to network and make friends.

At U8L, I just won my first Trophy. Go get yours!

Akhilesh Singhal
The Club

Great experience

Thankful to the U8L team for organising such a wonderful league for the players!
It was my first time ever that I have participated in such an event, being only 3months old in the world of tennis, I had a bag full of learnings and more importantly built game confidence.

Already looking forward for my next one in December with the same league!

Highly appreciate Amit Sirs effort to gather such an amazing event!

Rohan Dahima
The Classique Club


I really like the new format of U8L.. and I’m really lucky to get chance to play this tournament 1st time…Very good sportsmanship of all players.. I not only win matches but I made many friends…thank you so much Amit Shinde for organizing such beautiful event. Would love to come again again..

Shrikant prafullchandra kumawat
Niwec, nashik

U8L Leg 1

Thank you Amit for arranging a nice tournament last week. It is great to see your enthusiasm and passion for tennis.

I really enjoyed being a part of this group as it has helped me get in touch with new friends and good caliber players. Its an amazing platform for tennis enthusiast.

Continue the good work Amit. Wish you all the best.

Samkit Shah

Samkit Shah
Hindu Gymkhana

U8L – A fantastic concept

Amit has creatively used his imagination to come up with U8L which helps participants maximise fun and seek inspiration to improve their game. You may be the king in your club but here there is a different level of competition which makes you want to hit the ball harder and play your best.

Amit does it all. He plays he organises he has a blast. It’s amazing to see him juggle so many hats.

The team at Tufts academy is a big support and I am looking forward to playing the next league next month.

Rituraj Verma
Badhwar Park Railway Officers Club

Ultim8 competitive Tennis

Hello Friends,

It had been very exciting time at U8L event last weekend, courtesy my friend n partner in doubles , Ricky Mehra with never lose hopes approach.

The tournament was very well organised by Amit with the support of Tuff team. very agile and pleasing personality. Though friendly with all players, he ensured that no court was idling during entire tournament, pushing every one hard with friendly yet authoritave tone to go strictly by schedule.

The format was new to most of us but enjoyed Robinhood opportunities to compete even after defeats in primary events which was something new and very interesting.

More admirable quality of Amit was even while he himself playing in some of the tough matches, he always kept an eye on happenings on other court to keep the court occupied and guided alll events to finish as per schedule.

My best wishes for all future tournaments of ultim8 and look forward to participate and enjoy competitive yet friend tennis.

Sanjay Kolge


Really ultimate first of all thanks Amit and team for grt job. Ultimate league is very good platform for club level players. Format is innovative I played first time here awesome experience. Thankful to all ball boys n staff for organizing wonderful event special thanks to photographer Guptaji. And very special thanks to my doubles partner Rituraj Varmaji for motivating me. Good going Amit n Team keep it up. Thanks Ultim8 league

Rajesh dusane
Kashi kar gymkhana malegaon

It’s an Amazing League

It’s really a wonderful tournament and management which stuck me every time for participation in a every league and I am also very thankful to you for your support u extended to me during the two days event and to every individual too.

I wish you a great success and have an amazing leagues ahead in upcoming time.

Vinod manglani

Vinod Manglani
Gaikwad Baroda Golf Club

My 1st time at ultim8

Great initiative by sir and the rest to promote the sport of tennis. It was a good experience playing and meeting with tennis enthusiasts who love the sport as much as I do.

Sagar T

U8L – The ultimate league

Thank you Amit sir for organising such a beautiful event. My first ever tournament and after this ultimate league I am going to play tournaments quite often because the overall experience was superb. And yesss even U8L is organised every month so we should all meet up there. Once again Thank you. 👍🏻👍🏻

Kashikar Gymkhana

Great Tournament – Keep It Up

First Must Compliment Amit and his team for Doing a Great Job and Highly Commendable – Its Not easy to take care of so many players and organize such an event.
Was my First Tournament and Best Part was No Caoches etc allowed so we New comers Given a Good fair opportunity
All Players Played their best and I made Quite a Few Friends and thats Good Part too.
Congrats to All Winners and Also Best Wishes to All Players for all Upcoming Future Tournaments

Have No Doubt a few Suggestions whcih will share with Amit Directly as I May Be am Wrong as am New to This Circuit and have started playing Tennis just 2 years ago ( Am Absolutely RAW) – And I thank my Son for getting me to play this game

I would also Like to Thank all staff , Ball Boys and All Involved in Organizing this Amazing Tournament.

I would also Like to Thank My Partner Sanjay Kolge for putting up a Good performance with me in the 40 Plus Doubles – Thanks Sanjay

Ricky Mehra

Thugs of tennis

A thrilling and awesome experience, the forum gives us an opportunity to play maximum number of matches . The format also gives u various openings to come back at different stages of the tournament….kudos to the organisers

Jayram iyer

Must for Tennis enthusiasts!

U8L has been a path breaking initiative. For so many of us who have started tennis and who wanted an opportunity to test ourselves…U8L has been the platform like no other. It made it competitive and at the same time a fun event that can’t be missed! Great going Amit and Nikhil!

Ravi Dalal
JD Tennis Academy

Super Format

Being a 54+ and having played in best of 3 full sets under hot sun during middle of working weeks in other tournaments this playing format was a welcome change and i thoroughly enjoyed .

Another interesting advantage of this format – even if one is grouped with higher ranked players you still get chance to play with another group and still put a respectable show .

Win or loose keep playing .
Kudos to Amit & Nikil and wishing success season after season

Vijayakumar Ramanathan
Club Challengers

U8L-The tournament and its family.

Nothing gets better than this,the mother of all tournaments U8L is an innovative platform for amateur tournament that has dug out the genius of tennis amateur ftom the far corners of Mumbai city and beyond, which would otherwise have languished in obscurity, creating a family of tennis amateurs with great skills and sporting ethics that sets us apart from the ordinary.

Its a monthly tennis carnival spread over eight months with a seeding system to enable amateurs to improve their rankings and their game, win prizes and attain tennis glory.

Applaud the selfless efforts of Amit Shinde ans Nikhil Rao for their noble work and dedication.

It cant get better than this.

Gordon Lewis
MET Tennis Clinic

One of a Kind League

U8L’s unique crisp match formats, action packed scheduling, eight month calendar, individual player profiles, meticulous detailing and above all the tireless efforts and unlimited passion by its founder which helps the league constantly evolve makes it a one of a kind league across the globe. For me, is already one of the most awaited events every month. Wish you more power and success in the years to come and may the league reach greater heights!

Yashesh Mukhi

A Heaven Sent Opportunity

It is said that certain players are sent from up stairs to regale the audienes.But their endeavour also is more often than not selfless ever. But this duo has developed a distnictive concept almost selflessly, the only selfish motive being that they ensure that they take home most of the trophies themselves leaving others empty handed. Hope Doc is not listening.

Jokes apart, these guys have developed a unique interface, where no one is a loser. Great ambience where relative strangers bond big time over the glorious game of tennis, backslapping each other like long lost chums.

Thanks Guys for giving a fresh lease of life to the weary bones, Yes precisely the reason you have been sent from upstairs, which is to regale us all.

May God give you more strength to persist with your untiring efforts.
Kudos Nick and and Amit for the joy you guys disseminate not only on the tennis court but also with your contagious smile on the courtside.

Winners all, Love all & Advantage all.

P.S – Am sure you would continue to render this great service to all of us even after a lapse of 16 years.

anoop wadhwa
Leo Tennis Academy

Dream come true

Great job Amit. It gives a opportunity for all of us to fulfill our dream of playing in a tennis tournament. For me personally this was my first tournament and I loved it . It has taught me to be cool while playing and not over playing myself.
Hope you guys are able to reach and conduct this in all cities of India and also the world. Will forever be a part of this till I am able to play this lovely game. Thanks cheers

Deepak Madnani
Leo tennis

Personally, it was a great

Personally, it was a great experience. Amazing to see Mr. Amit and Mr. Nikhil pull it off so commendably well. Cheers to them as a team. Wishing the league a great success in future as well.

Prabhakaran Ramasamy
IIT Bombay

Awesome experience

Great initiative by Amit and Nikhil and it was an awesome experience to eat, play and network with like minded ppls who love to play tennis. Small glitch for me was qualifying for next round and then being told that I haven’t qualified as I don’t have ranking. Amit was kind enuf to let me play in lucky loser howver this part needs to be redesigned and newcomers should be given chance to go ahead… Anyways hats off to Amit and Nikhil for handling the event superbly over the 2 days and wish them all the best and hope we have more such events with proper set games in the future…

Hemant Khurana
Leo tennis academy

U8L A Tennis Carnival.

When your game gets tough U8L league gets you going. The League is very passionate about the sport on and of the court. At U8L u will breathe tennis bleed tennis and sleep tennis …for me it was a great exposure, It’s an awesome league to join as besides the game the buzz on the game days is so high ..u just can escape the adrenaline. The hospitality arranged on these days is so well organised …it feels like a tennis carnival. Three Cheers To Amit Shinde, Nikhil Rao and all behind the managing team

Riteish Parwani
Celebration Sports Club


These tournaments are not just matches, they are festivals instead. Selfless voluntarity, Unparalleled enthusiasm, knowing one another, a platform to test your skills and level, motivation to excel, joy and cheers, and above all plenty of tennis. Way to go!! The league is an initiative of its kind. If U8L wasn’t there, wouldn’t have known so many great folks. It brings a few hundred good players on a platform, sometimes you get to choose partnerships from and U8L doesn’t change for that!!

Harish Sharma
AITA Kalina, Mumbai

Awesome Tennis League for Amateurs

It’s a superb initiative and a great tennis tournament for Amateurs like us. It gives us an opportunity to compete against players from different clubs in Mumbai and in the process helps us to improve our game. Though it’s an awesome league, there is still a lot of scope for further improvements. Since its still in its infancy (2nd year only), we hope that it will improvise and enhance further. Cheers.

Cusrow Sadri
Matunga Gymkhana

Fantastic Initiative

A first of its kind tennis tournament and I was glad to be involved in season 1. Looking forward to participating in all the remaining legs of season 2!

Karan Thawrani
Bandra Gymkhana

Awesome Concept, Flawless Execution

Its an amazing concept where all amatuer club players are brought under one umbrella.
The concept of ranking points makes this an event not to be missed. It gives all of us a feeling of accomplishment and also something we look forward to.
It has definately made me a better player.
Cheers and keep it up.

Vardhan Shah
Khar Gymkhana

Very Well Done!

Kudos to Amit and Nikhil, excellent start of new season. U8L is outstanding initiative and I wish all the best to you to take U8L to the national level.

Ashwani Kumar
Babu sir Academy

2 Great Days

It was a tennis carnival for 2 days. I am amazed with the energy and passion shown by Nikhil and Amit both organising and participating in the entire event. And Kudos to concept of Robin-hood which made sure the people loosing out in first round,later on never felt left out, instead enjoyed their play like they had at school times.
Keep up the great work. Looking forward for next event

Ritesh Parekh
Mhatre Sports Club

Awesome fun

The tournament was well organised, Robin Hood was a good innovation and most important there was no endless waiting. Well done Amit and Nikhil for bringing the tennis fraternity together. God Bless you . More 💪 to u

Viipul Varma
Khar Gymkhana

Good experience for my first tournament

Its a good initiative for tennis game and for players.would like to see U8L live on TV in future.i played first season and it was a good experience for me.will play the next coming seasons too.thanks to the organisers for the good approach.👍👍

Willingdon Catholic gymkhana

Fantastic Tournament

Super tournament for very good players and average players also. All enjoy it thoroughly. Kudos to the U8L organizers for squeezing in so many matches in just 2 days. And that too extremely well planned. Overall 100% marks to them. Keep it up 👍

Priyadarshan Shah
Mhatre sports Academy

A weekend of great tennis , fun and food

U8L is a fabulous tournament !!! Kudos to Amit S, Nikhil R and Jay M for their commitment and endurance to ensure this tournament happens every month. We get to see great tennis from the players, the food is great and overall a weekend we look forward to enjoy every month.

Thanks for a great weekend 😊 every month.

Abhijit Agnihotri

Ultimate league

One of the best platform for Club level Passionate Tennis players.
Looking forward to be part of great U8L.

Yati Gujarathi

Amazing platform

U8L is an amazing and a unique tennis platform to know and admire tennis talent just not in Mumbai but now open pan India. I have participated in a few matches here and thoroughly enjoyed them. The best part are the organizers and you get to network with talented individuals. Very well thought through pattern. Wish this forum the best and looking forward for more events!

Chaitr Hiremath


U8L is a great platform to test my skills and also where I can see and learn from other top players who come from all over the state.

Playing at U8L every month helps in improving skills and enhances confidence.

Play, laugh, learn and enjoy at same place.

Shashank Verma
Sai Tennis Academy

Well done

It is a wonderful initiative and I hope you spread this to other cities and we have a inter city finals at the end of the season

Dinesh laungani
T & T

Experience – Experiment-Evolution

It will one of the league , where you get to know your strength weekness and how to get better every month

Every month U8L. Team gives us the ultimate experience with few Experiment and try to get better every month in the best posible way.

I wish to be part of the league and hope them best wishes for future.

Jayant chandra
Mca bandra

Loved playing in the first

Loved playing in the first season… Looking forward for the next… Great job… Keep it up

Nisha Shah
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