Ultim8 competitive Tennis

Ultim8 competitive Tennis

Hello Friends,

It had been very exciting time at U8L event last weekend, courtesy my friend n partner in doubles , Ricky Mehra with never lose hopes approach.

The tournament was very well organised by Amit with the support of Tuff team. very agile and pleasing personality. Though friendly with all players, he ensured that no court was idling during entire tournament, pushing every one hard with friendly yet authoritave tone to go strictly by schedule.

The format was new to most of us but enjoyed Robinhood opportunities to compete even after defeats in primary events which was something new and very interesting.

More admirable quality of Amit was even while he himself playing in some of the tough matches, he always kept an eye on happenings on other court to keep the court occupied and guided alll events to finish as per schedule.

My best wishes for all future tournaments of ultim8 and look forward to participate and enjoy competitive yet friend tennis.

Ultim8 Tennis League (U8L) is an initiative to have Amateur Tennis Tournaments in Mumbai and other cities. We bring Tennis Feast for all amateurs over various categories!
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