A Heaven Sent Opportunity

It is said that certain players are sent from up stairs to regale the audienes.But their endeavour also is more often than not selfless ever. But this duo has developed a distnictive concept almost selflessly, the only selfish motive being that they ensure that they take home most of the trophies themselves leaving others empty handed. Hope Doc is not listening.

Jokes apart, these guys have developed a unique interface, where no one is a loser. Great ambience where relative strangers bond big time over the glorious game of tennis, backslapping each other like long lost chums.

Thanks Guys for giving a fresh lease of life to the weary bones, Yes precisely the reason you have been sent from upstairs, which is to regale us all.

May God give you more strength to persist with your untiring efforts.
Kudos Nick and and Amit for the joy you guys disseminate not only on the tennis court but also with your contagious smile on the courtside.

Winners all, Love all & Advantage all.

P.S – Am sure you would continue to render this great service to all of us even after a lapse of 16 years.

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